Car Wash Services

Edmonds Kwick ‘N’ Kleen offers many services to customize your car wash experience. We have six car wash packages ranging from basic to deluxe. We also provide Rain-X complete packages and a brushless wash with gas service for a low rate. You can find all our options on the menu. We also offer separate wash services that include a brushless wash with gas and brushless wash without gas.

There is a special discount for all the senior citizens who come to us to get their car washed or services. It has benefitted a lot of them, and we are happy to have it on our list.

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Rain-X Complete Packages

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  • Brushless wash
  • Underbody blast
  • Showroom luster
  • Velocity protectant
  • Clearcoat conditioner
  • Clearcoat protectant
  • Tri-color polish
  • Wheel bright

Visit us if you ever need a car wash, and we shall offer you the best servicing and cleaning experience. Our team is friendly, and we customize the packages based on your requirements.